Circle of Hope – Spring Outing 2014

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A Day of Fun and Learning at the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium


Over 50 migrant children and 34 volunteers attended the Spring Outing at the Shanghai Aquarium on April 19, 2014. Although it was a rainy Saturday, the aquatic animals in the Aquarium turned it into a delightful “sunny” one for the kids!

It was an unforgettable day for all the students as they experienced a lot of new and wonderful things which they had never done before: seeing and touching the sharks, watching the penquins on the ice, admiring the beautifully colorful jelly fish and going through the water tunnel with different types of fish swimming above them (some of them even said they felt dizzy with all the fishes swimming around outside the tunnel). They were also treated to a 45 minute presentation by the Aquarium staff, where they learned different amazing facts about sharks and whales. ef2052d8-45df-49c4-84f2-88676d88ce9e

All this learning and discovering left the kids famished, and so they enjoyed a big fresh Subway lunch before leaving. At 2pm, everyone said goodbye to their new ocean friends at the Aquarium. After such an exciting and unique afternoon, many students were so tired that they fell sound asleep on the bus ride home.

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