CARITAS Shanghai began over 12 years ago as the economic and social redevelopment of China began. With the Chinese government more welcoming of private social enterprise, the opportunity came to demonstrate love of fellow man through proactive involvement in the community.

CARITAS collaborates with established organizations led by professionals who mirror our values of service to humankind. CARITAS contributes management expertise, medical consultation, access to top rated medical professionals and hospitals, and material resources to further the vision and mission of entities that have been thoroughly vetted by CARITAS volunteers.

CARITAS overhead and administrative costs are close to zero. All fundraising efforts and donations are the primary means of support and 99% of all funds received are used for those projects. All travel and personal expenses to vet projects, maintain relationships and perform services to visiting patients, organizing fundraisers and maintaining CARITAS operations are carried by CARITAS volunteers themselves.

From orphans in Shanxi and Gansu Provinces, to migrant children in the suburbs of Shanghai, destitute lepers in the mountains of Sichuan and families and individuals in between, CARITAS Shanghai has funded surgeries, rebuilt homes and lives, become the safety net for those who have lost hope in the mire of medical disasters and circumstances that impact their lives.

We welcome your involvement. Please follow the links to learn about the projects of CARITAS. Please join us in the work that transforms lives and along the way, transforms us all as well.

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I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.
~Edward Everett Hale



CARITAS Shanghai came to be in the context of a rapidly changing landscape heralding the greatest economic and social evolution of our time.

Five business executives representing France, South Korea and United States felt the need to respond to the growing needs of those living at the very bottom of the economic ladder.

The first opportunity to service the poor was a child with congenital heart complications from the Duanmin Orphanage in Shanxi Province. Participating in the transformation of life continues to be a moment of revelation for all who volunteer through the many projects of Caritas Shanghai.

The focus of the organization as evolved over the dozen or more years we have been in operations. CARITAS Shanghai engages volunteers to actively participate in the development of humanitarian response to personal suffering. As in the beginning, the organization is lead and staffed 100% by volunteers from all walks of life. Looking to make a difference in the community in which we find ourselves living and working, our task is to efficiently and effectively distribute resources – time, talent and treasure to those disadvantaged by life’s circumstances.

CARITAS Shanghai actively vets all projects and individuals to ensure that the funds entrusted to us are put to proper use.

Recognized as a source of information, technical expertise and leadership we work within a network of alliances to leverage the work of the entire volunteer community to endeavor to reduce duplication of efforts.

All the projects are served through volunteers who are called to share their time and talent with those less fortunate. They work tirelessly to transform the lives of orphans, migrant children, the elderly, disabled and needy from all parts of China.

Volunteers attend meetings, organize events, man tables, create networks, hold hands, shed tears, share laughter, drive sick children, encourage elderly all in the spirit of love and kindness which transcends all language and cultural barriers.

Please, join us in this remarkable work.

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Leadership Team

CARITAS Shanghai has undergone reorganization this past year in response to the evolving needs of the projects and society. The new structure reflects a need to balance fundraising and operations management with project oversight responsibilities. Feel free to reach out to anyone on the Leadership team to learn more about the projects, governance and volunteer opportunities.

Diane Long - Director and Leprosy Project Leader
Tharshini Joseph - Assistant Director (Finances)
Mary Elizabeth Loh - Assistant Director (Events and Fund Raising)
Matthew Teh - Accountant
Alison Tan - Medical and Healthcare Consultant
Katja Schmitt - Legal and Finance Consultant
Connie Wong - Disabled Orphans Project Leader
Clare Chui - Migrant Education Project Leader
Liou I-Chien - Cancer Project Leader
Jing Wang - Retired Nuns Project Leader
Pilar Tan- Communications and Special Project
Alice Xie - Outreach program
Abbie Puremajero - Editor Newsletter
Prem Vasenth Kanna - Website


Caritas has 2 major fund-raising events annually: The Caritas Spring Gala Dinner and Caritas Benefit Christmas Concert. Throughout the year individual donations are received as well as the volunteers themselves defray daily operating expenses so that 99% of the funds are directed to the major medical and commitments to each organization. Without the tireless efforts of volunteers at all levels of responsibility CARITAS could not do the work necessary to make the impact on lives.

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