Welcome to Caritas Shanghai

CARITAS overhead and administrative costs are close to zero. All efforts and donations are the primary means of support and 99% of all funds collected are used for the projects vetted by the CARITAS group.

CARITAS Shanghai has made long-term commitments to several orphanages in Shanxi, Gansu and Hebei to fund their medical care and surgeries for the disabled orphans, provide education to migrant children in Pudong, help cancer patient from destitute families and sponsor individual desperate medical or social cases.

Caritas has also collaborated for over 5 years with the Korean Missionary Society to pay materials, supplies, and medicines to leprosy villages in the Sichuan Province. Provide medical support to the Wills Foundation and is working with the Renewal Centre in Shanghai to reach out to the homeless.

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Caritas Current Projects

Cancer Project

Caritas is proud to launch our newest project, a fund to sponsor the medical care of cancer patients who are not able to afford the treatments and medicines required to deal with this disease.

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Disabled Orphans Project

CARITAS Shanghai support and ensures that the orphans of Duan Min Orphanage, Shanxi and House of Love – Lanzhou, Gansu receive the medical attention they need…

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Leprosy Project

CARITAS Shanghai’s Leprosy Project is based in Xichang, Sichuan Province. This area of China is populated by the Yi Minority people, a high proportion of whom have leprosy.

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Migrant Education Project

CARITAS Shanghai’s Weekend Migrant Education Project (Circle of Hope) helps the children of ethnic Miao families who live in He Qing…

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Retired Nuns Project

The Pudong Convent for the Retired Nuns of the Shanghai Diocese is home to 15 wonderful women who have devoted their lives to the Catholic Church.

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Special Projects

Warmly referred to as “Our Special Cases” these generally are referred to us by the directors of projects with which we have had a long term relationship …

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